July 10

What Is The Difference Between Pintxos And Tapas?


I continue to be surprised by several aspects of our bars’ UNIQUE cuisine. While people are torn between the difference between pintxos (not “pinchos”) and tapas, our bars are constantly evolving without paying any attention to this concept.

The big question is: do you really care about knowing the difference? Do you really care to know what the Royal Spanish Academy of the Spanish Language says? I’ve read everything: whether the tapa is served on a plate, whether the pintxo has to be attached with a toothpick, whether the pintxo is served on bread… Forget all that, leave aside the concepts and definitions, they’re nothing but a waste of your valuable time.

We should be grateful that our Basque chefs have left their comfort zone, they have broken with this differential concept and are creating innovative, delicious dishes without worrying about whether they are making a tapa or a pintxo. The important thing is that these small bites (pintxo / tapa) are delicious and will surprise you.

If you’re reading this article, you know that Ab Domini is a guesthouse at the heart of San Sebastian and that a mere step away are the best pintxo bars in town and, dare I say, in the entire world. You will find traditional, classic, simple pintxos (such as a potato omelette, for example) and avant-garde, elaborate, pintxos. Many of these pintxos are one of a kind. Although the latter are a bit more expensive, they will make you have a unique experience. You can feel and taste our chefs’ creativity in its purest form, regardless of whether you are eating on a plate, with a toothpick or on bread.

At Ab Domini, I create personalized pintxo routes for our clients. Routes designed around yout gastronomic preferences, your budget, what you want to discover and of course, I’ll share my gastronomic secrets with you, which I have amassed over the course of 25 years exploring the neighborhoods of the city. In fact, I love to walk around the city, explore new bars, get to try new pintxos from the bars I have visited my entire life and enjoy traditional pintxos, which are always a pleasure.

When you’re making your way through San Sebastian’s pintxos’ route, you’ll understand what I mean. You’ll eat delicious morsels of food, with or without a drink (that’s up to you) served in dishes, glasses, casseroles, spoons, etc… Actually, it doesn’t matter how pintxos are served. You’ll see that our chefs have given their imagination free reign, with the sole purpose of providing an authentic gastronomic experience.

I have customers who ask me for a personalized route with traditional and one of a kind, more modern and authentic, pintxos, authentic gastronomic gems. If you follow this route, I assure you that you will have a unique experience because you can savor everything, from an explosion of flavors to less daring combinations, the traditional pintxos.

You know, in Ab Domini, we work hard day after day taking care of all the details, so you have a unique experience, not only in our guesthouse, but in San Sebastian.

What about you? Would you like me to prepare a Personalized Pintxos Route just for you? Do you want me to explain how you go for pintxos in the bars of San Sebastian?


You can make your reservation HERE and take advantage of the Promotions that you will find on our OFFERS page.

Claudia Araujo

Ab Domini



gastronomy, pintxos

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